Thursday, June 15, 2023

ODU IFA IROSUN (ODU that talks about EGUNGUN)


IROSUN is an ODU that calls out for one to pay homage to ones ANCESTORS, EGUNGUNS. 

By honoring those who that have gone before us, one maintains a sense of balance and perspective with and within the universe.

IROSUN cautions our character and behavior. You may find that you are at a key point in your process, at a place in your life where each action plays a critical roll in the manifestation of your blessings. By moving vigilantly will insure not only safety in the process ensuring your blessings as well.

A careful reflective view of ones path is very necessary in order to move ahead. One must struggle to maintain clarity and understanding. 

This ODU IROSUN advises and reminds one during such times of adversity, one must remain true to form.

When one suffers betrayal from one’s environment or the world, one should not betray oneself. In order to avoid the pitfalls of selfishness and shortsighted behavior, one must extend the ridged parameters of the self. 

It is advised to equip oneself with logic and common sense while traveling on the journey.

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