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OSE-TURA is the Holy ODU in IFA that speaks about OSUN  being sent to maintain the world order. 

The world (other IRUMOLE)  did not invite her to help with the work. They only sent her the animals that they had sacrificed to cook after offering them. 

After OSUN prepared the food, they prevented her from eating any of the food. 

OSUN became very, very angered.

OSUN began to use the power of the IYA-MI-AJE and the ANCESTRAL MOTHERS. 

This awesome power of the AJE  mothers made everything they did useless.

The deities did not understand what was happening. They had never been dismissed by the Supreme Being OLODUMARE before and all their efforts and petitions and ceremonies were becoming fruitless. 

They came together for consult with ORUNMILA and it was suggested they consult IFA.ORUNMILA brought out his instruments of DIVINATION and consulted IFA. 

The ODU that appeared on the board for the first time he called it by the name OSE-TURA.

ORUNMILA departed to seek help from the Supreme Being, OLODUMARE on the ODU. 

It was there that he met ESU-ODARA. ESU was with the Supreme Being OLODUMARE. 

ESU narrated to OLODUMARE the damage that had been done to the work of those on earth because they had failed to invite the person who constituted the seven tenth among them. 

For this everything was being destroyed. 

The Supreme Being OLODUMARE understood. When ORUNMILA presented their grievances, OLODUMARE told them to apologize to OSUN and to invite her to participate in all the sacrifices that they offered. 

Everything became calm again after they agreed to let OSUN the SEVENTEENTH among them see all their secrets and attend all their meetings.

One condition, now that they were satisfied she said that she would carry a child in her stomach. 

They must make this child a male child and this child will accompany them in their work as a substitute for her.

They used their power of ASE that the child would be born a masculine sex. 

They placed their ASE each day above the head of OSUN and prayed until the time of OSUN’S delivery arrived. 

She gave birth to the child. 

After the NINETH DAY she permitted them to see the child for the naming ceremony. 

When they saw it was a male child they rejoiced. Each one carried the child and blessed him.

“What type of name shall we give him?” ORISANLA said. “You all know very well that each day we BLESSED his MOTHER with our power so that she could give birth to a child of masculine sex. 

This child shall justly be called ASRTUWA, which translates, Power brought him us” 

ORUNMILA consulted the Oracle about this child as to its destiny. They gathered the instruments of IFA in order to consult for him to determine the ODU he was born under, so that they could initiate him into the society of IFA. 

He was taken in the forest to the IGBO ‘DU, where IFA revealed that OSE and OTURA were to be his ODU. 

ORUNMILA said, “the child that OSE and OTURA caused to be born will be formerly called ASETUWA.”

 He said,”It is for this reason that we shall call the child by the name of the ODU of IFA that gave him birth, OSETUA. 

“ASETUWA was the name he carried formerly. Thus the child participated in the group of the other ODU to the point of going with them to all the places where the offerings were made on the earth.

OSUN herself gave this child a name on he day. She called him OSO, meaning that the child was the son of magical power because she herself was an AJE.

An aspect of the power of IYA-MI. 

She said, “AKIN ASO” a powerful male brave man, recipient of a great supernatural power. 

This is why they called OSETUA, AKIN OSO, among the sixteen Most Powerful ODU and among all the ODU IFA. 

Afterwards they said that in whatever place the Great Ones met it shall be compulsory that the child be with them. 

If they cannot meet with the 17th member they cannot arrive at a decision.

Finally it happened! There was a drought on the earth. Everything was dry. No moisture anywhere. It had been three years since the last rain fall. The world fell into decadence. 

These ODU returned to consult IFA. IFA AJALAIYE. IFA AJALAIYE said, they must make an offering to be delivered to the Supreme Being OLODUMARE, so that the Supreme Being could have mercy on them.

OLODUMARE  had seemingly removed himself from the affairs of the earth. If this continued, destruction was inevitable it was imminent.

If they could only make the offering to the Supreme Being ,OLODUMARE would always have compassion on them. 

HE, SHE, ITSELF would remember and guard the world. 

They prepared the offering. They gathered all the animals, fish, fowl, palm oil, eggs and pure white cloth. They prepared the offering using IFA leaves that all offerings must contain. They made a large bundle and said;

EJI-OGBE must carry this offering to ORUN which is HEAVEN, to the SUPREME BEING. 

EJI-OGBE carried the offering to the doors of ORUN. The doors did not open for him. 

On the seconf day OYEKY-MEJI carried the offering to the doors of ORUN, the doors did not open for him. 

Each of the 16 ODU tries to take the offering to the doors of HEAVEN ORUN but they could not enter. 

The SUPREME BEING did not open the doors.

So they said that the 17th among them must go and test his power.

OSETUA the 17th was told to visit certain diviners so that they could consult the Oracle for him.

 He consulted the Oracle, they cast IFA for AKIN OSO OSETUA Son of ENINARE OSUN on the day he was to carry the sacrifice to the POWERFUL HEAVEN. They said he must make an offering. They said he would be covered in honors. They said he should succeed to the position that he shall reach. They said this position shall be forever, and shall never disappear. 

They said the honors that he shall receive there, the respect shall be interminable. 

They said, “You shall see an ANCIENT ONE on the road, do him well.”

When OSETUA finished preparing , and when he was on the road taking his offering to ESU, he met an ANCIENT ONE. 

This ANCIENT ONE was from The Origin of EXISTENCE. He said, “AKIN ASO! to whose house are you going today.” He said, “I heard rumors in regards to all of you in the house of OLOFIN, that the 16 oldest ODU carried an offering to the POWERFUL HEAVEN without success. 

OSETUA said “It is so.” 

The ANCIENT ONE said, “Is it your turn today?” He said”It is my turn.” 

The ANCIENT ONE said, “You took food today? OSETUA said that he had eaten. 

The ANCIENT ONE said, “When you arrive at your location, tell them that you shall not go today.

” He said, “when you want to go tomorrow, you must not eat, you must not drink before you go there.” 

He told OSETUA that he must then carry the sacred offering to ORUN. 

He told OSETUA the other ODU had failed because they had eaten of the foods of the earth, this is the reason why the SUPREME BEING, did not open the door for them.

When OSETUA returned to the house of OBA AJALIAIYE, all the ODU- IFA had gathered there. They said, “You  must be very fast now, it is your day to take the offering to ORUN the HEAVENS perhaps the door shall be opened by you.

” OSETUA said that he had consumed food today and was told not to eat before taking the offering to ORUN. 

The following day OSETUA met ESU. He asked ESU what must he do? ESU responded “Why are you asking me now? You never thought to ask me for advise before you left. He asked OSETUA if he had eaten. OSETUA told him that the ANCIENT One had told him the previous evening that he must eat absolutely nothing.

 Then OSETUA and ESU continued along the road together.

They went in the direction of the doors of ORUN. When they arrived there, they found THE DOORS OF HEAVEN OPEN WIDE. 

When they carried the offering to the SUPREME BEING, OLODUMARE HE/SHE/ It questioned them OLODUMARE and said, “Haaa!’ “You saw the last time it rained on earth? I asked myself if the earth was not completely destroyed? What could be found?” OSETUA could not open his mouth to say anythhing. The SUPREME BEING, OLODUMARE gave OSETUA some bundles of rain.

 OLODUMARE also collected as before, the things of value in HEAVEN which is in ORUN that were necessary for the survival of the world and gave them to OSETUA. 

OLODUMARE told OSETUA that he must return.

When they left the dwelling place of the SUPREME BEING, OLODUMARE, OSETUA lost one of the bundles of rain. 

Then rain began to fall on the earth. It rained, rain, rain ,rain, and it rained. When OSETUA returned to the world he went to the house of the OKRA, IIA. 

He went to the house of YAYAA and he went to the house of palm. They were producing seeds and buds. He went to the house of OBA AJALAIYE. 

ASE had expanded and extended itself above the earth. 

Semen converted itself into children. Men on their beds of suffering raised themselves up, and everybody was happy. 

The new harvests were brought from the fields. Yams were produced, corn grew, the rain continued to fall. 

The rivers overflowed. Everybody was happy.

When OSETUA arrived, he was mounted on a powerful steed. The people were rich and happy.

 They covered him with presents, they were on his right side, they were on his left side. They began to salute OSETUA. 

“You OSETUA you are unique. You succeeded in carrying the offering to the highest heaven.

 . All the gifts and offerings OSETUA received, he gave to ESU ODARA. 

When he gave them to ESU ODARA, ESU ODARA said, “You OSETUA! All the sacrifices that they make on earth, are they not delivered first to you, so that you can bring them to me? 

Thus OSUN giving birth to OSETUA a male, re-established a harmonious relationship between the IYA-MI, the Mothers of the World and the 16th ORISA-AGBA. saving the earth from chaos and from annihilation. 

He was the only one who could open the doors of HEAVEN and deliver the offerings to the feet of OLODUMARE the SUPREME BEING.

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