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Part of the body to clean before casting OBI

Part of the body to clean before casting OBI

1) Wash hands, right then left while incantating:

My life is in the hands of Ori: My Ori washing me clean and assist me with my load.

2) Wash head with three fingers of Right Hand:

My choice of destiny is Ori’s responsibility:
Ori is the guide to goodness. Ori is the guide to success.

3) Wash ears saying:
Ori let me be the one who listens to truth.

4) Wash face/ eyes saying:
May my face be an example of coolness; may my eyes have clear vision to see the difference between truth and lies.

5) Washing nose say:
May I receive inspiration with each breath of life.

6) Washing mouth say:
May all things that go into and come out of my mouth be clean.

7) Wash feet, right then left:
My father carries me to good destiny.
My mother carries me to good destiny.

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