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Yoruba Names, meaning and how it's gotten

Yoruba Names, meaning and how it's gotten

Yoruba names are grouped into five categories. 

They include:

“Oruko Amutorunwa” meaning Destiny Names

“Oruko Abiso” meaning Acquired Names

“Oruko Oriki” meaning Panegyrics

“Oruko Abiku”

“Oruko Inagije” meaning Alias

The name usually carries a praise poetry with it which is used to inspire the bearer of the name.

 The name and the praise poetry associated with the name varies in length depending on whether the name was given to a child to as a recital of the accomplishment of his/her family line or to describe his/her future destiny. 

The name is also given to praise a child for the pride they bring to the family or to describe and summon particular character traits that they believe a child was born with.

Akanbi – It means one that is consciously or deliberately born.

Alabi – It means one born to the white cloth (of Ọbàtálá).

Ayinla – A child meant to be praised, feted, and disciplined.

Àjàní – Yoruba Oriki name meaning a child we fought for to have. It is a name given to a son that is valued and cherished because of the victory fought and overcame to have him.

Adisa – The literal meaning of this Oriki is one bundled up and spread to dry.

Ajadi – Yoruba Oriki name meaning the end of a conflict.

Akanni – It means one that is special to have.

Alani – It means one we survived to have.

Ayinde – Meaning one who arrives when praised.

Adigun – It means the perfectionist.

Àkànde Àgàn – Yoruba Oriki name meaning favourite of the prince.

Ajala – It means the one who has fought and survived.

Akande – It means one who purposefully came.

Alade – It means one who survives to arrive.

Àjàgbé – Yoruba Oriki name meaning fought to carry this child.

Akangbe – It means one consciously or deliberately carried.

Alagbe – It means the one who survived to be carried.

Akanmu – Yoruba Oriki name meaning personally chosen.

Aremu – It means the one needing to be consoled before being picked up.

Atanda – This name one created to shine brightness.

Àkànní – Yoruba Oriki name meaning “met only once to have this child.” It is also a Yoruba Oriki given to a first male child.

Àkànjí – Akanji means the one whose touch gives life.

Ariyo – Yoruba Oriki name meaning someone that people rejoice at the sight of him.

Some other Yoruba male Oriki names that we could not find their meanings: Akanda, Ajasa, Asamu, Ajabi, Adio, Aweda, Akano, Amoo, Ajao, Alao.

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