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9 most Common EGBE Orun

9 most common EGBE Orun 

9 most common and recognized groups or categories of Egbe, including: 

1. Iyalode 

2. Eleeko 

3. Asipa 

4. Jagunjagun 

5. Baale 

6. Olugbogero 

7. Adetanyanya 

8. Moohun 

9. Irekere. 

It is instructive to note that the classification of Egbe above is done in Yoruba cosmology based on the character or behaviour of children at their tender age or some unusual event that occurs in their life. 

For example some children may possess exceptional leadership and charismatic attributes. Such children will belong to Egbe Iyalode. 

Some may experience lack of interaction with opposite sex or don't even like food eated by everybody; such children are group into Egbe Irekere

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