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Baby names for ESU worshippers

They stand as prefixes to these names. Ogun for example stands as a prefix to the name Biyi. 

When matched together it becomes Ogunbiyi which means "Ogun gives birth to this" or "Ogun's child".

However, this write- up suggests ten names suitable for your child if you are an Esu devotee. 

See below.

1) Esu-biyi: Esu brought forth this child, this is Esu' s child, This is a blessing from Esu. It's a masculine name and its variation is "Biyi"

2) Esu-bunmi: My gift from Esu, Esu gave him/her to me. It is a suitable name for male and female. Its variation is "Bunmi".

3) Esu-gbayi: Esu is famous, Esu commands respect. (Male). Its variation is "Gbayi"

4) Esu- gbemi: Esu benefits me. (male). Its variation is "Gbemi".

5) Esu-gbohun: Esu amplifies my voice  (Through Esu my prayers to have this child were granted). (Male). Variation is "gbohun"

6) Esu-gbola: Esu takes center stage. (Male). Variation is "Gbola".

7) Esu-sanya: Esu resolves suffering. Esu rewarded me for what I have suffered. (Male/female). Variation is "Sanya".

8) Esu-seeke: Esu can be pampered. (Female), its variation is "Seeke ".

9) Esu-yemi: Esu befits me. (Male/female). Variation is "Yemi".

10) Koseefowokan: she should not be touched. Whoever bothers (this child) would be dealt with by Esu. (Female).

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