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Igba didi (Separating yourself from Spiritual Husband / wife)

Igba didi (Separating yourself from Spiritual Husband / wife) 

Igba didi is a special ritual in Egbe, which is used to cure anti-social behavior, People with the experience of having sex in the dreams and in reality Semen appear all over their body are said to be the victims of "Oko-Orun" (Spirit husband).

 No matter how beautiful a lady may be, if she is a victim of Oko Orun, she would definitely have a problem in getting married as she is stigmatized by the husband in heaven thus making potential suitors lose interest in her without any plausible reason . 

In this kind of situation IGBA DIDI should be done for this victim in order to tear the Oko-orun and the victim apart. 

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