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Why Ẹbọ (Sacrifice) is Always Given to Esu

Well, there are various reasons for this, putting into consideration the knowledge coupled in the Ifá excerpts that shed light on this.

Here are some points that verify why ebo is always placed by Esu.

Intermediary role

The first is his major function as the messenger, an intermediary between Olódùmarè and deities so does he plays the same role between man and The Supreme Being.

Since he is saddled with the responsibility of checking and reporting on the correctness of worship and in particular ẹbọ, Èṣù is given the authority to report anyone who makes ẹbọ and anyone who does not. He is the one who takes the ebo to heaven for approval when properly done.

In the same layer, Idowu tags Èṣù as the approver and bearer of sacrifices (ẹbọ) to heaven which appears to the Babalawo as Ọ̀ṣẹ́-Òtúrá . He is the one who explains in detail what the client wants in request.

First spiritual "gate-keeper"

However, the second reason is that Esu happens to be the first spiritual "gate-keeper" in the process of ẹbọ rírú before it reaches Òkànràn-Òsá [the gate-keeper in heaven]. He decides which ẹbọ goes through and which does not.

 This is to say, every successful ẹbọ has the and must has the “Àṣẹ” of Esu in it since he is the first divinity the ẹbọ passes through before arriving at any other spiritual junctions. He approves or disapproves using his Àṣẹ known as Àdó Ìsúbi-Ìsúre .

Esu can upset situations

The third reason that verifies Èṣù as the default Irunmole for ẹbọ is the general belief that Èṣù is one of dread even also by other divinities because Esu can upset situations. 

This is due to the virtue of his assigned role, he holds the power of life and death over them as prosperity or calamity for them depends upon what reports he carries to the Supreme Being. 

This is why keeping good terms with him is advisable and, one of the ways to ensure this is by ẹbọ.

 This is why you hear the phrase; Bí a bá rúbọ, kí á mú t'Èṣù kúrò - when ẹbọ is made, the portion of Esu should be set aside.

This also conforms to the Yoruba aphorism that goes thus; Ẹni tó bá rúbọ lèèṣù ǹ gbè -Esu supports whoever performs ebo.

Close relationship between Èṣù and Ọ̀rúnmìlà

The fourth reason which is the last is the close relationship that exists between Èṣù and Ọ̀rúnmìlà. It is wildly believed among Babalawo that Èṣù was created to be the right-hand divinity to Orunmila.

It is his (Èṣù) duty to run errands for Ọ̀rúnmìlà; he (Esu) must always be in attendance upon him and act under his (Orunmila) orders. 

As Orunmila is to deliver the message of Olódùmarè to mankind, Esu is to bring punishment on recalcitrants who heed not to the message.

However, it is believed that if Orunmila or any Babalawo performs ẹbọ rírú without the consent of Èṣù, the ẹbọ is nothing but futile.

The close relationship between the two is visible on almost if not all Ọpọ́n Ifá (divination tray) where Èṣù's head is carved right at the top of the ọpọ́n . This is why

Ọ̀rúnmìlà gives something (ebo) in appreciation to Esu for his immeasurable service rendered.

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