Thursday, August 10, 2023

25 praise name of ESU

Cutting the long story short I decided to share 25 oriki (praise names) of Esu which are provided hereunder:

1: Esu the lord of choice
2: Esu master of portal
3: Esu the beloved of Osun
4: Esu the eternal
5: Esu the guileless
6: Esu the invincible
7: Esu the master key
8: Esu the stone beaver
9: Esu the darkened man that lives outside ( Divinty of the cross road)
10: Esu the near and far-sighted one
11: Esu the opener
12: Esu the natural one
13: Esu warrior for man
14: Esu with large aura
15: Esu of the crescent man
16: Esu divinity of divinities
17: Esu the infinite
18: Esu the respected
19: Esu wielder of protocol
20: Esu respecter of mothers
21: Esu the chameleon
22: Esu the keen-earned lord
23: Esu the cosmic traveler
24: Esu the trickster
25: Esu the divine light

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