Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Ajo ti IRAWO OMI ko Gbodo Lo (spiritual work a person born with water element must not use)

Ajo ti IRAWO OMI ko Gbodo Lo (spiritual work a person born with water element must not use) 

Ki won je iru Eda ti o nlo unkan ti won fi omi pipe, gegebi Hantu mumu, 

They must be someone that is familiar with spiritual works that has to do with water. Like humtu from alpha clerics 

Obe Aseje tabi ki won maa we ose dudu.

Cooked Concoction soup, concoction spiritual food that is cooked, any cooked spiritual work and using black soap spiritual work is the best spiritual work that fits their star. 

 Ebu Jijo ki sise lara won,

Using a burnt spiritual work doesn't work with the person you born with Irawo omi. 

 bi won baa fi one million se ebu fun iru won kole ri one naira ni ibe.

It doesn't matter if you spent a million on a burnt spiritual work, it would never work on you. 

Stop wasting your money. 

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  1. How dose someone about his or her was born with water

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