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ESU shrine and 3 foot path location

ESU shrine and 3 foot path location 

Esu is not just an Orisa that can be venerated by anyone , at anywhere, but three foot path is it abode. 

Hence, Esu laalu ogiri oko. Onile orita. 

In the ancient yorubaland, the worship point of Esu is also called Ojubo- point of feeding Esu. 

It is usually at the centre of the town. 

For example, the feeding point of Esu in surulere , Lagos is located in an area now called Ojubo Elegbaa bastardized as Ojuelegba, while that of ile ife is at ilare. 

Hence, we call Esu at that point Esu Ilare. 

Biblical and Qu'ranic satan do not have such.

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