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Examples of Yorunglish

Examples of Yorunglish 

 1. Ó ní kì n jade síta, can you imagine? (instead of: Ó ní kì n jáde síta, ṣé o lè gbàgbọ́?) He/she said I should get out, can you imagine? 

 2. Ó gbá etí mi, what an insult? (instead of: Ó gbá etí mi, irú àrífín wo nìyẹn?) He/she slapped my face, what an insult? 3

. Mo ti ba yin pick call yín (instead of: mo ti bá yín dáhùn èrọ ìbánisọ̀rọ̀ yín) I have picked/answered your call for you. 

 4. Mo máa attend meeting yẹn (instead of: mo máa lọ sí ìpàdé yẹn) I will attend the meeting. 

 5. Situation wọn máa to improve (instead of: Ayípadà máa tó dé bá wọn) Their situation will soon improve. 

 Reference: Ọ̀párìndé K.M, Language Endangerment: The English Language Creating a Concern for the Possible Extinction of Yorùbá Language, Journal of Communication (July 2017)

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