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Ifa vs Christianity

Ifa vs Christianity

IFA is a spirituality which is much more than a religion and Christianity is a religion which promise heaven for it's worshippers while using hell fire to scare those who disobey. 

In IFA there is nothing like heaven or hell. 

IFA addresses many issues in the world like abiku, EGBE Orun where as this issues are not discuss in Christian faith and any issues about it is consider satanic or heresy. 

IFA empowers you and tell you what to do to conquer your enemies while the Christian can pray for years and not find a solution to their problem. 

IFA would tell you what to eat and what not to eat while there is nothing like taboo in Christianity. It is believe that Christ have died and take away all taboo in Christianity. 

IFA has the ORISA has physical and spiritual guidance to guide you in your day to day activities, if you are pure of heart you may see and communicate with these ÔRISÂ while in Christianity people hardly see their mentor or spiritual guidance. 

The choice of what religion to practice is yours to make and I can't do any harm to religion. 

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