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My Visit to OBATALA's Temple in Heaven

My Visit to OBATALA's Temple in Heaven

This is not one of your regular stories as it is what actually happens few days ago. 

I slept few weeks back and I had this dream, just like any other dream that I used to have. Anytime I have a dream I always walked up to the ORISA for guidance and interpretations. The ORISA has been my guidance and friend from the day I was initiated into IFA, I used to see them in my dreams guiding me, teaching me and telling me stories. Many times they visit me and I have their shrine where I worship them. 

But this very dream, I went to the ORISA has usual for guidance and knowledge on what the interpretation might be, I first of all branch at OSUN'S castle, she was not at home, I reach YEMOJA's house and she is not at home, I went to OLOSA's house and she was also not at home, I take a bold step and visit OLOKUN and he is also not at home. 

I ask about where they might be and I was told that they have all gone to OSUN OSOGBO festival to commemorate with ORISA OSUN. 

I became troubled in mind seeking answers, I went back to my house and I woke up. Even though am not happy, I have to wait till the festival is over to get an answer. 

Unknowingly for me, my troubled mind has reached the ORISA of my head, OBATALA. 
OBATALA sent the spirit of light and star to me that I should be prepared for a visit. The same way all the ORISA were also summoned to accompany me. 

We all gathered at the castle and Mansion of OLOKUN, all the ORISA were present to go on a trip to OBATALA. 

We can't go on foot to OBATALA'S Temple because OBATALA'S temple is second to the last in heaven. His temple was in the heaven before the heaven where ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ was. So the journey can't be done on foot. 

The spirit of light and stars had prepared a chariot of Fire driven by Dragons of different specie, colour and sizes. The dragons were coupled to the Chariot of Fire and they were ridden on by the spirit of light and star. 

We passed through many oceans, many world, many heavens and finally we arrived at OBATALA'S temple. 

I was congratulated by all the ORISA because no mortal has even reached the temple of OBATALA before, you can only reached there for judgement after you are dead. 

His Temple we located on The hill / Mountain high above the Valley. The Valley was filled with plants of different species and in other side of the mountain we can see a large Ocean. 

The temple was high such that I can't see the roof neither can I tell the height of the temple as it reaches the last floor of the heaven. 

The door of the temple was opens widely and there are giants at the entrance, the giant were so tall that I can only see their foot. 

There were burning flames placed in some part of the temple and there are also pot of incense. The incense were of different fragrance. 

As I enter the temple of OBATALA, I saw wonders that I have never see before in my life.

Out of many things that I saw, I saw a door leading to what they call record and library. Inside the record and library ,we have a lot of scrolls. Some scrolls are relating to the history of mankind, what has happened and what is yet to happen to mankind. 
Each record was being handled by different ÔRISÂ of different religion superceed by Obatala the ORISA and the father of all religions on earth. 

I saw the record of my past life, my present life and my life to come. Everything in his own cabinet with my name written boldly on it. 

I was ushered to the centre of the great temple which look like a giant parliaments with thousands of ORISA as audience. 

I was to face a panel. I never knew this was one the reason of my summoning as I was hoping to hear the interpretations of my dream. 

As I reached the centre of the temple, it's as if my mind was removed and placed in front of me, clear and transparent like a crystal. Where all what I think and say were all in front of everyone to see, so it's hard to lie. 

If anyone could face the panel and tell a lie, he would drop dead instantly and sent back to earth to go and re learn his lesson. 
Am not dead and am not ready to die, neither am I ready to be reborn as a baby into this world. My children are still small, And I was not raised up telling lies. 

I don't know what slap me, my ear drum is resonating where I was on my bed because I could feel it. My judgement has started. 

Among the panel was the Gods and ÔRISÂ of every religion on earth. 

My first question was why was I participating in religious war? Why am I saying all sort of things against other religion? I don't know what to say neither do I know the perfect explanation to give. I think I know the reason for that slap. A stern warning comes to me never to interfere in any religious talk speaking I'll of other religion, because each religion was created by OBATALA for each separate mind to choose the path to follow. 

At that moment I could tell, IFA does not leave his children for any moment unlike other religion who allow you to fend for yourself. 

I was tested and tested on many things which I can't say whether I pass or not. 

They wanted to pass their judgment when I heard the sound of a bell, the temple was as quiet as a grave yard. 

It was OBATALA who rang the bell, I was trembling out of fear, I don't even know what he looks like as I can only feel his presence .

He overlooked my mistake and give me a giant task as my punishment. 

I accepted the task and he gave me insight to my dream, he gave me answer to my questions.

He command them to prepare me for my task, I was ushered into the weaponry and armour section where I was equipped for my task. 

Just before I left, the other gods and ÔRISÂ started a rebel against me, they never wanted me to start the task which Obatala gave me, OBATALA the ORISA of wisdom and father of all religion knows what is coming and what was But he never said a word. 

A war broke out. 

The war was not between OBATALA and other gods or orisa. The war was between me and other gods of other religion who are not happy with me doing the task. 

I was quickly carried back to OloKun's castle from where I find my way home. 

The war has started and I know isese would win the war. 

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