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Ogunda and Irosun

Ogunda and Irosun were brothers.

 They embarked on a journey to Olofin's palace for spiritual work. 

As they got to the point of entry, they saw some human's heads on the floor being cut off for some offences. 

Irosun who happened to be a younger one told his brother that " could you believed that not all the heads here committed the offence they were killed for" Ogunda told him to shut up that they were all real criminals.

This led to serious argument but they moved on. On getting to Olofin's palace, they welcomed them, then Olofin told them that he had gotten a ram for appeasement of his ancestors in the morning. 

At late night, Irosun went and removed the ram where tied to another place, kill a rooster and put its blood from where he removed the ram to where Ogunda slept. In the morning, Olofin started looking for the ram, and they told him to trace the blood detected from where the ram was tied to where it ended. 

Olofin did and it was traced to where Ogunda slept. Ogunda was accused of stealing the ram and Olofin ordered his guard to kill him.

When he was about to be killed, Irosun asked them to wait and told Ogunda that can you see life now, yesterday I told you that not all the heads found at the entrance of this community that were real criminals but you said they were all criminals, can you see now that you are about to be killed for the offence you did not commit, then he went and brought the ram back alive and that was how Ogunda was not killed. 

Beloved, do you know how many people has been jailed, killed or destroyed for the offences they never committed. 

Do you also know how many people that has put themselves in a big problems simply because of unnecessary argument, therefore I'm imploring you today not to be a part of unnecessary argument and to always be sure of any issues brought to you before you pass your comment or deliver your judgement. 

I pray for you today that Olodumare in his infinite mercy we not let you and any of your households member(s) be punished or killed for any offence not committed.

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