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The basic foundation of Ifa

IFA  provide practical, everyday results
for its followers.

 You either cure the illness or you don't. You either get the job or you don't. 

You either win the dispute or you don't. 

These are not the kind of results that can be hedged or put off "until you are ready" or until your next life.

And then I saw the barren have children, business disaster turn to success, and "incurable" illnesses cured through divination and sacri�fice. 

I have come to believe that Oludumare (God) understands that belief is easier to acquire when there are practical results. 

So IFA does not only provides his followers with the instructions for improving their lives, IFA  intends for them to substantiate their faith through practical, everyday results.

The basic foundation of Ifa is three-pronged: orisa worship, ances�tor worship, and divination.

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