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The vibration or odu that created Obatala according to tradition was EJIOGBE that states:

Gbogbo ola omi ti nbe laye
Kole to ti olokun
Gbogbo iyi odo kole to ti olosa
Lodifa fun obatala oseere igbo
Lojo ti yio je alabaalase
Ti gbogbo irunmole nleri pe

Awon yoo gba okan ninu oriki re
Orunmila agboniregun yehun
E su lalu elegbara ogo yera
kosi ifa ti ni yi koja ejiogbe
alase ni a fi ase fun
gbogbo odo keekee kee ti oba so pe

ti olokun ko si laye
gbogbo won nii gbe lau-lau
bi papa bajo, eruku asoloju won
mo toro ola lowo olosa ibikeji odo
mo rije bee ni mo yo rara
tani ko mope ola OLORUN nikan

loto ni ije dojo iku eni

Of all the honor of the earthly water
None can match the honour of OLOKUN (the goddess of ocean)

All the glory of the river, none can match the goddess of sea
This was divined for OBATALA OSEREMAGBO
the day he was crowned the head of all divinities
All the divinities were jealous and promised

That they will take one of his numerous honour and glory
Orunmila Agbonniregun did not utter any word
Esu lalu elegbara stayed away

None of the odu has honour comparable to ejiogbe
Honour is given to whom it’s due
Ejiogbe, you are the greatest of them all
if the little river wants to claim superiority over the ocean

it will dry to its source
if the bush is burning, those who need to go into hiding must do that
l ask for prosperity from the goddess of the sea, the second in command to the ocean
l am full with blessing ,

Everybody knows that the blessing of GOD is sufficient for us
Till the end,

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