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Heavenly groups you can Belong for one or two reason


 Heavenly groups you can Belong for one or two reason 

There are Over a million group you can belong in as much as you have money, good of heart or wicked, dedicated or power hungry.

There are some spiritual group such that all what they do is wickedness and there are some spiritual group where all they do is good.

Where you belong is for you to find out and explore.

The first step into belonging to any heavenly group is to do Ifa initiation and if you don’t have the money for such, you can do your egbe orun initiation .

The step by step guidance is yours to find out but i will list of some groups.

Heavenly group of warriors 
Heavenly group of Wisdom 
Heavenly group of lights 
Iyamopo group 
Iyami Eleye group 
Sango group 
Ela group
Agira group
Osun group 
Olokun group
Aje wealth group
Obatala group
Yemoja group 

and many more. There are millions of group, each having its own criteria, rules, functions and power.

You can belong to more than one group if you have the resources and can cope well.

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