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How to recognize the elders (witches and wizards)


 How to recognize the elders (witches and wizards)

You need to know how to recognize the elders so that you will know them when you see them.

You need to recognize the elders so that when you see them you would not offend them.

My question is , can you keep your mouth shut when you see them?

Many people would rather pick a fight with elders when you see them when you are supposed to be feeding them or making an appeal so that they would be happy with you.

If elders are happy with you , you will be successful in everything you do, people would love you till death, people would favor you.

You can’t get Gods favor if the elders don't favour you.

You cant win a war against the elder, you can only make an appeal and beg for them to have mercy on you.

To be able to see the elders, you would need your third eyes to be Open

For your thirds eyes to be opened, you need to be an IFA initiate.

If you use a crook method to open your third eyes, you might ended up being blind after a while or years.

Because you would see what you are not supposed to see and those things you see would eventually come after your Life. They would set trap for you snd you will fall because you are not in that realm of spiritual power.

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