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Who is more knowledgeable between Muslim clerics and Babalawo


 Who is more knowledgeable between Muslim clerics and Babalawo 

I have heard some muslims says they give Babalawo and ifa isese people knowledge.

Where are they getting the knowledge?

Inside the Quran?


Many of this muslims cleric are more into dead spiritual dark powers.

Many of them uses black magic boooks to summon the dead or an entity.

They traveled to another Man’s country, get those hidden books and practice in the hidden.

What knowledge is there? Something you can’t show to people in the Open, something that is not in the QURAN.

Where do Babalawo get knowledge?

Babalawo are Ifa initiate, ifa has been into existence long before us and ifa would still be existing long after we are gone.

Ifa the orisa for infinite wisdom would show Babalawo many secrets and hidden things.

There are many devotee of OSUN, YEMOJA, OLOKUN, OBATALA, AGEMO etc.

This ORISA Are full of wisdom and knowledge which they always showed their devotee and loved ones.

Can a muslim clerics says with his chest that he has seen God?

They claim to see one messengers of God, who are just some entity invoked by reading one special book or the other


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