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No Power in the world can kill a witch (IYAAMI ELEYE)

No Power in the world can kill a witch (IYAAMI ELEYE)

Because you have offended a witch you think going to church is going go save you?  No

Do you think the Powers of Imam can kill a witch?  No. 

No one on earth can kill a witch. 

A witch is born with the main purpose to trained us whether we agree or not

Many dont know this but they later know them, we have witches in our family and they helped us grow physically and spiritually. 

If you see a witch die ,that is because that witch misuses her power and there other witches exposed and turn their back on her. 

When a witch die, it's not your prayer that kill that witch, it's the work of her hand that kill her. 

Witches are made to follow strict rules and they don't go against them. 

Witches cannot be killed, we can only embrace them because they are energies in their own created by OLODUMARE to bring balance  .

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