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The Power in Yoruba Religion

The Power in Yoruba Religion 

There is power in Yoruba religion such that it attracts various people all over the world. 

The power in Yoruba religion is not equally distributed among the Yoruba tradition religion. 

Most Famous and High ranks Babalawo and IFA priest are not even at level 001 in the spiritual realm. 

The power in the Yoruba religion are giving not according to status but according to purity of heart, love, ability to forgive, and what you have to offer in terms of taking Yoruba tradition to the next level. 

You will be surprised that some people are far spiritually powerful than ooni of IFE but doesn't have a name or his wealth. 

They know this and they have refused to give such person their role in the physical because they fear they may loose their stand and respect. 

All this ISESE noise makers up and down have no power whatsoever, they have not been to where power comes from. 

All they do is make noise and follow the trends while they in one corner look for written books to read so that they can have an idea what to tell people. 

Sunday IGHOHO is powerful but not powerful, he knows his limit in the spiritual. 

None of those you see are ready to walk the spiritual aspect of Yoruba tradition where there lies the true power, they can't stand the discipline involved. 

Everyone only play the diplomatic card. 

Just looking for what to eat. OBA SOLOMON turn to ISESE all because of what to eat, he gathered birds of the same feathers in his circus. Nothing short of expectations  .

The AFOBAJE in their hungry hundreds, choose a man who is not worthy as king over someone who is worthy all because of what they want to eat. 

And the rest of the community is expecting miracle from the ancestors and Orisa, how would it be possible? 

Anyone can insult such king and nothing would happen. Such king has no spiritual Power backings, all he has is physical power that comes with the post of a king and nothing more. 

My advice, don't join the hungry crowds who call themselves influencers influencing nonsense all because of what they would eat. 

True Babalawo in this country are just 2% while the remaining are just fake and unrecognised by the Orisa. 

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