Friday, December 29, 2023

Ereko the Original name giving to Lagos before EKO

Ancient images of Lagos Island reveal its early identity as 'Ereko,' the original name before evolving into Eko, a pattern observed in various Yoruba farming villages like Eko Ende in Osun state. 

Ereko, initially a farming town, was owned by Aromire, an Idejo descendant of Olofin, utilized as a pepper farm (Oko Iganran) by his family and Awori community. 

The Edos, arriving later for trade, adopted the name Eko, integrating it into their Benin vocabulary. 

Notably, the Ereko area on Lagos Island persists today, with the first image capturing the 1869-founded Ereko Cathedral, standing as a testament to its enduring history for over 150 years.

Source: Lagospedia Twitter 

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