Is it possible to feed AJE for years before she answered?

Is it possible to feed AJE for years before she answered?

AJE is known as the ORISA for wealth , she never fights anyone to achieve her goals and she is always gentle ,loving and easy going.

Have met her in the spiritual realm, her gentle smile swift me off my giant feet.

If you feed AJE and you didn't see any physical and positive result, check out the following possible reasons .

Spiritual Battles - If you still have one or two spiritual Battles in your life, there is every tendency that those battles would be blocking your wealth from manifestation. In order for this to be removed, a consultation would be most appropriate to check what is wrong.

Laziness: Many people thinks that AJE is a magician, they thought once you feed AJE then things would automatically turns out good for your.

You must put in your best effort at what you do if you want AJE to work .you must not be lazy and you must have a good legit work that you are doing.

Unless you are looking for quick money or shortcut or money rituals ,I can't talk on those because I knew nothing about it.

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