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When ESU finally pay me a visit - AJE NLA

When ESU finally pay me a visit 

Spirituality is all about who you know in the spiritual realm. I repeat, spirituality is all about who you know in the spiritual realm. I can say this over and over again if you still haven't gotten the message. 

I am an OBATALA, ORUNMILA and OLOKUN son, this trio are my Father. I am not forgetting the role of my Mothers too,  talking of OSUN, OLOSA, YEMOJA, OYA, AGEMO, AGIRA, IYAMOPO, IYAAMI ELEYE. I also want to appreciate my friends SANGO,  OMO ELA, LUKOSI , WARLORDS, THE SPIRIT OF LIGHTS and many more. 

In fact the above paragraph is for appreciation. 

Being a spiritualist is not all about performing simple task like feeding the Orisa or doing spiritual work for people, you have to be active in the spirit and make your contribution to the development of the spiritual realm. 

There were times we go to war, there were times we host a party , there were times we organised a seminar/talk and there are times we go for evangelism. 

The result of the spiritual evangelism and awareness is what give birth to the sudden interest everyone is having on Yoruba ,it's culture and IFA at large. 

This make me laugh when people who knew nothing about anything start fighting on who owns who or who started what. They are fighting for nothing they knew nothing about. 

People with a Christian and Muslim background always thought of ESU as a wicked person, they painted him bad and this has contributed to one of their many problems and that is why I am saying that all those who sees ESU as their enemies  would never see road to their success and they would always be confused. 

The above statement is not a curse but a fact for what it is. You cannot fight your helper, you can't fight what you are supposed to love neither can you fight who is supposed to show you road. 

I know out of 100 % people who make it in this world , 98.5% uses the help of ESU and other Orisa before getting there. 

ESU is not restricted to only Nigeria, Americans and Indians have their own name for ESU. In fact ESU is a worldwide phenomenon. 

The remaining 1.5% are made divine from above by OLODUMARE. 

So forget that brother who came to church to share testimony, can he boost his chest about it.?? 

You can browse my blog www.orisa.com.ng and click on ESU archive or search the blog for ESU  .

Let's be back to the major topic. 

We are preparing for the night party when suddenly everyone stood still, it was a grand entry. 

I saw the man, the person, the Orisa called ESU. A very huge dark figure along with his entourage. 

This is not our first meetings though, we have met on many occasions but it's always at a distance  .

To what do I owe this visit?  I am not scared neither am I afraid, am only filled up with grace, happiness and appreciation. 

Who am I to have such a wonderful busy Orisa to pay me a visit. 

ESU always the loving Orisa and a doubler of anything took our party money, we don't even flick our eye neither do we get angry. We are used to giving and sharing, it is just an act of love and a test of not attaching ourselves to materialism. 

Instantly alert started entering my phone, a phone call from unknown or should I say a new client wanting to ask a question,  it doubled the money which ESU took initially. 

I knew at an instance, it was ESU who returned and doubled the money back after seeing that we really don't care about anything. Money or no more we still have ourselves to love. 

Yaaaaaaaaarn,  I think I have said enough from what happened.

It was a fun night, we all knew ESU is very playful and loving, his heart of full of gold and love. 

I am not writing this article as a fiction but to those who are out there and are lost seeking Devine intervention, looking for road. My articles are for you. 

My articles are for people who are gifted and think they are alone in the world. You are not alone, you are not the only one with gift and it is not a curse. 

My articles are to tell what  I have experienced about Orisa. 


Thank you. 

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