45 minutes concentration would not spoilt your day, connect with you ancestors via Mantra

The Ancestors see you healing, repairing, releasing, and restoring!

 It is good   to create a Sacred space of silence around yourself at least twice daily for 45 minutes!

 Conceive expanding your thoughts to Elevate your Sacred Sensory Skills through ORISA mantra 

You need a mentor on how to do it.

You need AJE NLA to put you through

Ase'! Wise Ones! Ase'!

This Article is written by AJE NLA (whatsapp +2347031178647).For the following:::

IFA consultation and Divination

Egbe Orun initiation

Appeasement of Egbe Orun

Yes and No questions

Feeding of Ori (inner head)

Feeding of ORISA


Solutions to Problems

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