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How many wives can a Babalawo have?

How many wives can a Babalawo have?

I know we may have come across many babalawo having more than one wives and many of us want to know how many wives can a babalawo Has?

In this era of do what you like, we shouldn't forget that a babalawo is a representative of ORUNMILA on earth and babalawo should try as much as possible not to disappoint ORUNMILA.

One day I travel to the spiritual realm and I was lucky to say down with ORUNMILA to tap from his infinite wisdom, we all knew that ORUNMILA is the ORISA for wisdom .

In our discussion this question pop out, I ask ORUNMILA how many wives can a babalawo have?

He said a babalawo must not have more than one wife.

I OLUWO AJE NLA ask ORUNMILA why many babalawo are having more than one wife.

ORUNMILA answer and said, many of them are not contented with one wife, many of them are having more than one wife for social status .

ORUNMILA said having more than one wife may not give you peace of mind because woman would always be jealous of each other, and there is no how you would be 100% satisfying in all ways because they would be comparing whatever you do for them with the other wives.

There is no crime in having one woman at a time, if one woman decides to leave your house, you can marry another one.

Today, Babalawo are having more wives and it's a normal because hardly would you see a babalawo with one wife.

On a final note, the choice whether you want to have more than one wife is yours alone, but remember that ORUNMILA doesn't want babalawo to have more than one wife .

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