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This is the story of Oluronbi my grandmother told me when i was young.

Oluronbi was a market woman who was not having luck with her sales. On the way to the market where she sells her wares is an iroko tree that people pray to when they want somehting. 

They promise to pay a price when he answers their prayers. People usually promise things like money, goats, rams, and other material things like that.

Oluronbi however, had been in a slump for a while so she decided tht she needed a big gift for the tree. She went to the Iroko and said "If you give me success and let me sell all my clothes today at the market, I will give to you my beautiful daughter."

 The girl was there when her mother made this promise and she got upset. Her mother told her not to worry that she would not be given. she said she was only lying to get good sales. 

They went to the market and Oluronbi did have a great sale. she sold everything in her shop and at the end of the day, she bought a sheep and took it to the Iroko tree. 

She said thank you and left the sheep there. she now told her daughter to come along but the girl was stuck there and couldn't move. 

She screamed to her mother and began to sink. As Oluronbi saw this, she screamed to other people to help her. 

People came from around and some pulled the girl by her arms while others pulled her by her long hair. 

Nobody succeeded and she ended up sinking into the ground to stay with the Iroko tree. The song is usually put in when the puling is going on.

 It goes like this

Olukaluku Jeje Ewure
Olukaluku Jeje Aguntan
Oluronbi Jeje Omo Re
Oluronbi o Join Join
Iroko Join Join

Translates to:
Some people promise goats
Some people promise rams
Oluronbi promise her child
O Oluronbi, O Iroko

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