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Organic cure for arthritis

Organic cure for arthritis - cinnamon CURE FOR ARTHRITIS (ARUN AROMOLEGUN) :

If you are having arthritis or you knew someone with this disease,well we are here to tell you the organic cure for the disease.

Do the following procedure and steps 


one cup of hot water 

one small tea of Cinnamon powder, 

two spoon of honey

Mix them together .

taking this two times per day 

morning and night to reduce pain.

 You can also make paste with cinnamon powder and warm water and a will honey. 

Make it to paste and use on the itching or aching part of the body.

 Your pain will be reduced in a few minutes..

Don't forget to use ewe ato also for stronger bone or any issue with bone or wounds.

Ewe ato can be applied outside or directly on the body part that needed healing .

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