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ORISA mantra and Meditation Prayer method


ORISA mantra and Meditation Prayer method

Have been working closely with the ORISA and they have giving me the go ahead to drop the mantra.

Am not dropping it on my article neither am I giving it out for just anybody.

I am selective in my spiritual work, I don't do all sort of work and I don't do Spiritual work for everyone. You want to know why?

Taba pori Aja, Ape ikiko ta Fi se

When we invoke the dog's head, we would definitely invoke the pot used in preparing it.

If you have spent millions on fake babalawo, I would not do Spiritual work for you because you prefer fake things to original unless OSUN says otherwise.

If you are a yahoo boy or girl , I don't do Spiritual work for you. Am not an accomplice to a thief.

If you are not contended with what you have, I would not do Spiritual work for you. You would always be looking around for what is not lost.

If all you care about is money, Life is a vanity and I don't do Spiritual work for such people, they are looking for what will not last forever.

If you are looking for Power, I am not your type. I would not do Spiritual work for you. You are an evil person, power cannot be given to you.

If you have more than one babalawo or spiritualist, I would not do work for you. You are already lost and dead. I can't waste my energy

And like that and so on.

My rules are endless. Am not here to cashout as other Babalawo and my price is out of this world.

Even if you have the money and OBATALA says otherwise, I will turn you down.

Now you wonder, did I ever have customers?

It's not how much or how many people I have, it's the little people who are ready and selected that I choose. It doesn't mean that am perfect.

My purity is more important than anything.

How do I survived if I have chased all customers away? I hustle and I have other biz I do . I believe in the work of my Hand.

Some people say babalawo don't do that. Well, It's their choice but I can't lower my standard for money or anything in the world and am only here for those who are ready to grow Spiritually.

I have given this mantra to just two people in the world, the first person was in Belgium and the second person was in Ibadan.

The two people gave me a wonderful good feedback.

The mantra is for you to meditate and perform some white rituals  if you don't have any money do the anything.

The mantra is there and it works . It is absolute and perfect.

The first person uses OBATALA mantra,she felt and saw the king of all ORISA himself .

The second person saw herself in the deep of the ocean with my mother, Yeye OSUN.

I am not your regular babalawo.

I have gone above that level and have passed that height where you think I am.

My name is AJE NLA, +2347031178647.

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