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Photo: 1938, The Road between Ibadan and Ijebu-Ode

Photo: 1938, The Road between Ibadan and Ijebu-Ode, curving through a forest; a man stands on one side of the road, near a culvert

Inscribed: in ink: "19E"

The Ibadan-Ijebu-Ode Road, recently realigned and straightened in sections, cuts through a dense forest, as depicted in the image.

 A lineman is seen amidst towering trees, highlighting the challenge engineers face in maintaining the telephone trunk line being constructed along this route. 

The presence of a utility pole behind the lineman offers perspective on the size of the trees, emphasizing the formidable task of ensuring the functionality of the telephone line. 

Extensive tree-clearing efforts by Posts & Telegraphs are underway on this road in anticipation of the upcoming telephone infrastructure.

Photograph by D.S. Foulkes

Credit: Facebook| @mayowablades

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