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What are common taboos or prohibitions in Lucumí Santería?"

What are common taboos or prohibitions in Lucumí Santería?"

In Lucumí Santería, there are several taboos and prohibitions known as "ewo" or "itá" that practitioners adhere to. These vary depending on individual initiations, Orisha affiliations, and specific circumstances, but some common taboos include:

Dietary Restrictions: Certain Orishas have specific food preferences, and practitioners may be prohibited from consuming certain foods or combinations. For example, those initiated to the Orisha Ogun may avoid eating snails.

Clothing Colors: Wearing specific colors associated with certain Orishas is often part of the taboos. Wearing the wrong color might be considered disrespectful or harmful.

Avoiding Certain Activities: Practitioners may be instructed to refrain from engaging in particular activities, such as attending certain events or participating in specific rituals.

Relationship Restrictions: Initiates might have restrictions on their relationships or sexual activities, especially during specific phases of initiation or ceremonial cycles.

Offerings and Rituals: Failing to perform required offerings or rituals at designated times could be considered a violation of taboos and may have spiritual consequences.

Sacred Spaces: Some initiates may be prohibited from entering certain sacred spaces or shrines dedicated to specific Orishas.

Taboos during Menstruation: Women may have specific taboos during menstruation, such as avoiding participation in certain rituals or entering sacred spaces.

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