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What are the primary Orishas in Lucumí Santería and their attributes?"

What are the primary Orishas in Lucumí Santería and their attributes?"

In Lucumí Santería, there are several primary Orishas, each associated with specific attributes. Here are a few of them:

Eshu (Elegua): Often considered the messenger, Eshu is associated with crossroads, communication, and opportunities.

Ogun: The god of iron, war, and labor. Ogun is a powerful and protective Orisha, often invoked for strength and guidance.

Yemaya (Yemoja): The mother of all Orishas, Yemaya is associated with the ocean, motherhood, and fertility. She is seen as a nurturing and protective force.

Shango: The god of thunder, lightning, and fire. Shango is associated with power, masculinity, and dance.

Oshun: Associated with rivers, love, fertility, and wealth. Oshun is often regarded as a goddess of beauty and sensuality.

Obatala: The father of all Orishas, Obatala is associated with wisdom, purity, and fairness. He is seen as a calm and just figure.

Orunmila (Ifa): The Orisha of wisdom, divination, and knowledge. Orunmila plays a crucial role in the Ifa divination system.

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