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What steps should I take to become initiated into Lucumí Santería?"

What steps should I take to become initiated into Lucumí Santería?"

Becoming initiated into Lucumí Santería is a significant and highly personalized process. Here are general steps to consider:

Learn About the Tradition: Gain a deep understanding of Lucumí Santería, its beliefs, deities (Orishas), rituals, and ethical principles. Attend ceremonies and study relevant literature.

Find a Mentor or Community: Seek guidance from experienced practitioners, known as priests or priestesses. Building a relationship with a mentor or joining a Santería community is essential for proper guidance.

Develop Spiritual Practices: Engage in daily spiritual practices such as prayers, meditation, and offerings to connect with the Orishas.

Undergo Divination: A divination session with a qualified priest or priestess may be necessary to determine if initiation is appropriate for you, which Orisha may guide you, and which specific path within Santería suits you.

Prepare for Initiation: If divination suggests initiation, you will go through a preparation period involving rituals, cleansing ceremonies, and learning specific rites associated with your chosen Orisha.

Undergo the Initiation Ceremony: The initiation ceremony, known as "Kariocha" or "Asiento," is a sacred and elaborate ritual where you receive your guardian Orisha. This involves various rites, offerings, and symbolic actions.

Commitment to Ongoing Practices: After initiation, maintain a commitment to follow the prescribed rituals, ethical guidelines, and continue your spiritual growth within the Santería tradition.

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