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How my IFA initiation came to be - AJE NLA

How my IFA initiation came to be - AJE NLA

I was just a cab driver in the mega city of ABEOKUTA not knowing what lies ahead of me. 

I believe in hardwork, discipline and faithfulness. One day I sleep and found myself amidst some group of people who were wearing white, they greeted me welcome saying it's been long, why did I abandoned them. I beg them for forgiveness and they gave me a burnt meat to eat. I ate all the meat and I even wake up to drink water because after waking up, I still fell the taste in my mouth.

I woke up and told my wife, I gather some money and she went to do egbe orun initiation for me, I wasn't there because of my Driving Job.

When she came back she brought all the eatable for me which I enjoyed eating without sharing.  After the INITIATION I get some new friends who prefer me to take them around the city of ABEOKUTA in drop, I don't hustle much like before .

I just stay at home and a call would enter my phone, people started referring me as a good expert driver and I have many private contact.

I attend meetings and I told them, this is what I want us to be doing now, I set some new rules and how the egbe orun should be doing, in fact I change their perspective about a lot of things and I really put in all I can.

I never knew someone from another spiritual group was in our group. He went ahead and refer me to join their group but I can't join the new group because I wasn't initiated into IFA .

Before I knew it, I was taken to some other beings and spirit and I was initiated in the spirit realm, I remember my ODU, it was one of the powerful ODU IFA that ever was,the Power to create life and the power to take Life away.

If you know this ODU, that is beautiful.

They claimed am an old soul, this boy is IFA from heaven and we need to help him realized his purpose of creation . They believed have lived a thousands years and I deserve to know why I am here now..

That was how I started, it's been 4years now and am not stopping. Last year I decided to create a blog because of the ORISA and to preserve yoruba culture. They loved it.

As time goes on they called me and said ORUNMILA wanted to see me. I went and ORUNMILA asked me, which method of divination Do I loved to use between Opele, Cowries and other.

I choose Cowries as my method of divination because of my Father OBATALA.

They enrolled me in a spiritual school of IFA and divination.

They even invited me to the world conference of Babalawo where all spiritual and faithful babalawo were present, I was the only one using cowrie and I guess I am there to teach and propagate the usefulness of cowries.

I have been to many groups or cult in the spirit realm and I wrote a few things from what I have learnt or seen.

I don't know much of what is happening here on earth, I don't have a book of account I inherit and am not thinking of writing anyone.

Have been restricted from Most Spiritual work many Babalawo are doing . Am bounded by laws I dare not break.

Even now with a bigger law that I think am helpless sometimes, once I tell you the truth and you don't want to listen, I block you off.

Am AJE NLA. +2347031178647, this is the short version of how I become a babalawo and a spirit traveller.

Many people think this can only happen in the olden days but it is happening everywhere. The ORISA are not dead , they are watching all of us and they knew our inner mind and intentions.

I know I have created many enemies because of the truth  I offer, I really don't care how many are looking for my downfall or my death. There is a contract with many ORISA including death, they are watching over me and to deal with those who misbehave towards me.

I really don't care about many things because things would sort itself out.

I preach spiritual realm and nothing More.

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