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If I don't speak the truth ,no one will - AJE NLA

If I don't speak the truth ,no one will - AJE NLA

Everyone is busy gathering wealth,they want to build houses and ride big cars .

Babalawo now loved yahoo clients more than anyone else because of quick money and because they want to drive cars and build houses they can't take to heaven.

We have create a system of extorting money from people ,a steady income to raise our livelihood.

We have been made blind by the people we think they know the path more than we do,they block our access to the spirit realm because they want it to be monopoly.

The moment you told them your dream, they would block you from dreaming.

They would tell you to do IFA INITIATION and then do the ORISA Initiation one after the other when in the real sense,it's just one. IFA combines them all.

They would tell you to do irari ORISA and collect your money when they know it's not really necessary or important.

They advertise only Ori as if Ori is the only ORISA that existed.

They tell you egbe orun this and that and in the real sense they don't know how to do the real egbe orun initiation, they do all Initiation for you and yet you can't see your egbe orun.

They tell you to feed your egbe orun weekly, what a steady flow of income for them. 

They bill you and you don't see what you are paying for .

They tell you to do all sort of ebo and you see no changes.

You do the begging of the elders from one babalawo to another and yet no one likes you.

If I don't speak the truth,who would ?

Babalawo are now selling product like drug for people to buy, they sell OSHOLE when they don't use it.

They sell something to bind you to your loved ones and they forced themselves to sleep with ladies they came to them for IFA consultation.

If I ODUKUNLE OLUWO AJE NLA didn't speak the truth,who would?

Nobody is ready to tell you the truth that there is no power anywhere except the power of OLODUMARE, they initiate you into dark forces and you start paying the prices.

Nobody would tell you that OBATALA and other ORISA don't tolerate indiscipline or impurities.

Many shrines have abhor many atrocities, many babalawo has done many evil deeds in the name of money.

They make you believe that IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are wicked , they think that Osanyin is wicked , they say a lot of bad things about what they don't know.

They even write books and sell to make more money.

They have blinded people such that people don't want to hear the truth simply because it is not printed in a book with a big sign post .

If I don't say the truth ,tell me who would?

Am not a slave to mankind or money, and am not afraid of any man, politician or king.

If I don't tell you the truth who would?

Tell me one single babalawo you knew that has not done money rituals or OSHOLE before? 

Tell me one babalawo that has not slept with a other man's wife?

Tell me one babalawo that has not done love binding before?

Tell me one babalawo that stayed sacred for 7 days after having Intercourse with his woman without doing IFA divination or spiritual work.

Tell me one babalawo that do his cleansing after intercourse?

Tell me one babalawo that has not interfere in what doesn't concern him just because they want to give him money.?

If I don't say the truth, name one babalawo that would?

I am ODUKUNLE OLUWO AJE NLA.. +2347031178647

I speak nothing but the truth and if the truth hurt your ego, go and die.

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