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It has been awhile since we teach ourselves knowledge of Ifá that we can use to shape our lives and engagement with our community. Today's teaching will come from the Odù Ifá Ògúndá Ìrosùn. 

Ifa advises us to avoid blind argument. Ifa warn us to be careful of controversy that may land us in trouble. We should be conscious of our environment. Ẹbọ is the weapon against evil plans of our enemies. Pray earnestly and you shall be victorious.

Ifá warns us not to be judgemental. We should always try to listen to the narration of all parties before we pass judgement.

Listen to the verse of Ifá that teaches us this moral:

Orí yéye ní mògún
Ìpín aláìsẹ̀ ló pọ níbẹ̀

Adifafun Ògúndá tí yóó pa ẹran tí o wa fi ẹjẹ rẹ yi Ìrosùn ọmọ Ìyá rẹ lẹnu
Ẹbọ ni awo pe ki wọn o se
Wọn sì gbẹbọ lọpọlọpọ wọn rúbọ
Njẹ Orí yéye ní mògún
Ìpín aláìsẹ̀ ló pọ níbẹ̀.

Plenty skulls at the justice ground

The head of the innocents are many there
Casted Ifá divination for Ògúndá who would commit crime of slaughtering animal and people would accuse Ìrosùn his brother as the one who committed the crime
The Ifá Priests advised them to perform sacrifices

They performed the sacrifices
Plenty heads (skulls) at Ògún shrines
The head of the innocents are many there.


Ògúndá and Ìrosùn are brothers. They used to walk pass the Mògún (the ground where justice is served).

Whenever they passed this place, Ògúndá like to say

"Orí tó sẹ̀ àti èyí ti o sẹ̀, ẹkú ìkàlẹ̀ (the head of the culprits and the innocents, you are well done)". But Ìrosùn always get angry with his brother for saying that because there's no way the head of the innocents will be cutoff at the Mògún. Irosun used to argue with his brother.

One day, Ògúndá wanted to teach his brother life lesson. He killed the animal of their neighbor with knife in the night and spilled the blood on the ground to the place Ìrosùn was sleeping.

He put the animal and knife closer to Ìrosùn as if Ìrosùn was the one that committed the crime.

In the morning, the owner of the animal was looking for his pet and found the spot they kill his animal. People began to trace the blood path. They got to the house of Ìrosùn.

Irosun was sleeping. They saw the animal and knife beside him. People concluded that Ìrosùn was the one who killed the animal and after committing the crime, he came to sleep.

Irosun was taking to the King palace for final judgement.

Mind you, the head of anyone who steal or committed crime in that town always cut off at the Mògún. The King and Chiefs with the people of the town were sitted when Ìrosùn was brought to them. Irosun was saying that he was innocent but people had the evidences that he was the one that killed the animal. 

As the King was about to pronounce his final judgement, Ògúndá raised his hands that he had something to say before King passed his judgement. He was allowed to speak. Ògúndá revealed to everyone that Ìrosùn was truly innocent of the crime that people alleged him. He was the one who killed the animal and put it in the house of Ìrosùn. He wanted to teach him a great lesson that not all the people accused of committing crimes are truly criminals. Ògúndá said he wanted everyone to know that the heads of the innocents were being wrongly cut off at the Mògún. This was why he always tells his brother that "Orí tó sẹ̀ àti èyí ti o sẹ̀, ẹku ìkàlẹ̀ o"

Ògúndá had performed sacrifices for Èsù and gave offering to Ògún before he did what he did.

The King, chiefs and people became remorseful and pardon Ìrosùn. As from that day, the King will first do proper investigation on matter bring to him before passing judgement.

Aboru abọye.



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