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The passage way to Omo Omi kingdom

The passage way to Omo Omi kingdom

There is a way that lead to Omo Omi kingdom and it is only known by a few people .

Even those who called themselves Omo Omi doesn't know the passage, most of them just sleep and found themselves in the kingdom.

They can't tell how they got there .

As you know,Omo Omi are mermaid who are giving the chance to come and live like human.

They are born to be rich no matter what.

Omo Omi goes home every night when they sleep and they always pass this passage way to their kingdom.

Omo Omi are not marine spirit or evil spirit as predicted by your fake self anointed man of Gold calling themselves man of God.

I was taking to this passage by my beautiful Mothers, OSUN , YEMOJA, OLOSA...

They are the Matron of every Omo Omi.

They took me and showered it to me saying AJE NLA each time you want to visit our kingdom, this is where you would be passing through.

It is kept a secret and known to few people.

If you ask me,I can't tell.

Am here just to let you know that each Omo Omi uses this passage to go home every night to see their loved ones inside the ocean .

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