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The Squirrel - The talkative animal that cannot keep his own secret

The Squirrel - The talkative animal that cannot keep his own secret

The squirrel is usually depicted in ese IFA as a talkative creature who cannot keep even his own secrets. 

In this excerpt, the squirrel, a habitual road side dweller, could not keep secret the fact that his wife had given birth to two children. 

Instead, he called on all road-travellers to come and see how crowded his nest was with children. 

Soon, some travellers whose curiosity was aroused by the squirrel's unceasing cry, opened up his nest, took away the two children and killed them for food. 

Restless mouth,
Slippery mouth.
The evil planned by the mouth never fails.

It is the mouth of the babbler which kills the babbler. 

It is the mouth of he who talks at large which kills he who talks at large. 

It is the restless mouth which kills the talkative.
Ifa divination was performed for Squirrel 

Who built his nest by the roadside.
Squirrel was warned to be careful
Because of his inability to keep his mouth shut.

He was told not to tell all that he saw
To other people.
Squirrel did not heed the advice.
After some time,
Squirrel's wife gave birth to twins simultaneously.

When Squirrel became happy,
On a certain day,
He said: 'Squirrel bears two children,
His nest is fully crowded.
All road travellers,

Come and see.'
When passersby heard Squirrel's cry,
They stepped into the bush,
Took Squirrel's nest,
And examined it.
When they opened Squirrel's nest,
They found his two children.
Then they took them home.
When they got home,
They put Squirrel's children on top of pounded yam,
And they travelled down (the gullet) with the soup.

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