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Would God punish us for doing IFA

Would God punish us for doing IFA 

While I was having a discussion with a friend, he said the only reason why he didn't like IFA and Yoruba Tradition was because he thought it was a sin and he thought God would punish him for doing IFA .

I laughed and reply.

Between IFA and Islam which one is the oldest religion?

He said IFA .

I asked again, between IFA and Christianity which one is the oldest ?

He replied and said IFA .

So I ask what would happen to those who practice IFA before Christianity or Islam ?

Did God eliminate the world?

The truth is that the foreign religion turn out back on our true religion and identity.

They enslave us and turn us into something else.

I said can you mention one alfa that has not done IFA initiation before in his Life .

He said No.

I.said have you seen one Pastor that can come out and said he has not done IFA initiation before?

The truth is that many of this people knows the truth and they follow the truth but they want others to remain in the dark so that they can make a lot of money from their foolishness.

OLODUMARE created all religion, why would he tag you a dinner for doing or practicing IFA?


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