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Babalawo 101 - Don't expect people to come back


Babalawo 101 - Don't expect people to come back

This article is going to be good and bad at the same time , if you are not ready for it please don't read it because it may shake you in any direction.

Rules and thumbs guiding the world are still the same irrespective of the century or age we found ourself . Nature doesn't change and life is still the same.

The world is loosing it's value and sweetness, immature ladies are now parents giving birth to uncultured and untrained individuals who later govern the world and turn it upside down.

With all these, the world doesn't change neither does the rule governing the world changes.

This article is for babalawo, clients, pastors, imaam and everyone .

1. People would not remember you when their problem are solved. It is normal for people to have some comfort when they are Ok , that is when they would remember a project they have been wanting to do since childhood. They would give you a lot of excuses.

This is only happening because the world is not cultured and people only value what they have at the moment till it's gone.

As a babalawo clients, customers don't owe you anything. You are to do what you can do and let go of any emotional attachment or ties or bond that existed and want to exist.

Get paid for your service and move on. People don't go to hospital for healing  and promised the doctors that they would build house for them because the doctor already got paid before his service .

On this note, nobody owe you any gratitude whatsoever. Collect your money before service and don't get attached or wait for gratitude.

If they come back for gratitude, good
If they don't come back for gratitude, you won't feel betrayed.

This is the first of its kind in this series that would be coming from the only son of OBATALA.

I remain AJE NLA.
The son of OBATALA

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