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It took me 6 months to learn from Elegba

It took me 6 months to learn from Elegba 

After I have learnt the ways of Elegba for six month, on my final month of graduation I came online to speak to people about Elegba .

Doing my own Elegba took me 2 months because the material are not easy to come by and it is extra expensive.

No matter what I say, people still think Elegba is the same thing as ESU until you see or travel to where I have been, until you experience and taste from their power , then you would understand.

Elegba is like a saint that doesn't want to train just any babalawo.

I am grateful to learn from such a great and giant ORISA.

Elegba is good for anything justice .

If anyone cheats you, if anyone stole what is yours physically or spiritually then elegba is the ORISA for you .

Many people are a living dead, they have been used by another person as their source of wealth, yet they are living like a dead person .

Some people are facing one challenges or the other and they can't see a possible solution because they really can't find a solution.

Someone stole your glory, someone add problem to your problem, someone didn't want you to succeed, you can't tell the source of your problem etc.

You need Elegba .

I wouldn't talk much 

I have so much confidence in Elegba that I always tell people, you wouldn't want to look for Elegba's trouble .

No one would save you if you are found guilty by Elegba . Accept your fate because Elegba doesn't listen to story when he is in charge .

Now I feed Elegba everyday for people who faced one or two problem that needed justice and answer. 

Of course it must be in my IFA consultation that you needed Elegba because I don't so anything without consulting my father OBATALA first.

Elegba doesn't come cheap, soup wey sweet na money kill am.

It doesn't work overnight, give it time .. it works like Magic

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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