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                    ( WHO IS ORUNMILA )

Orunmila baba Agboniregun is the God of wisdom in the Yoruba Ifa religion. God of divination, he is perhaps the most revered as far as Ifa is concerned. 

Orunmila is called upon more often than any other Orisa in the Ifa Yoruba religion. Olodumare bestows Orunmila with infinite wisdom to foretell, predict and read human minds and thoughts.

A sound Babalawo would call on Orunmila during divination to reveal a mystery or to uncover some hidden predicaments. According to the Odu Ifa, Orunmila was said to have lived in the spiritual realm for more than 400years without food and water before descending to earth to help mankind. 

He set foot first on Oke-Igbeti where he lived for the betterment of mankind. Orunmila’s perfect foretelling and prediction together with his ability to read human thoughts made people call him ( “Ari inu ri ode olu moran okan” ) meaning; he capable of reading human minds and thoughts.

Orunmila was the youngest of the Orisa sent by Olodumare to discharge various acts to support the universe and mankind. According to Odu Ifa where life of Orunmila is enshrined, he was the wisest human to have lived on earth. He came to earth with Ifa and its embodiment.

 During a divination, Babalawos would often begin with “Orunmila mo pe o” they would remind him how he listened to Alara and Ajero when they called on him for divination. He often does not let them down. Some have referred to him as ‘Orun ni o mo eniti o la’ others call him Okunrin kukuru Oke Igbeti.

So, next time you hear Orunmila, he was not cruel or nasty. He was a kind prophet of Olodumare sent to help mankind.....


Orunmila is the sacred voice of Olodumare, who helps in reavling and solving all human spiritual problems and grant freedoms to the success of those who seeks is helps.......

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