Wednesday, June 21, 2023

DIDA OBI (casting and enquiry with kolanut)

The quality of your questions will determine the validity of your answers. So, while it is true that there are no stupid questions, that doesn’t mean you should ask them all. 

If you’re asking questions about things and people outside your circle of control, it’s probably a waste of time. To be clear, you cannot control other people - what they think, feel, say or do. You cannot control the laws of nature. You cannot control the past. Before you pray, cast obi or consult Ifa, eliminate useless questions. 

If you’re concerned with things that are within your circle of control, you’re on the right track. That is, you can ONLY control your own thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. Before you pray, cast obi or consult Ifa, get a clear understanding of what you can actually control. 

Divination is useless if you cannot take immediate ACTION. It all starts with asking the best questions in the beginning. 

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