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Eewo irawo afefe (Forbidden things for Irawo Afefe)

Eewo irawo afefe (Forbidden things for Irawo Afefe) 

Irawo Afefe is one of the best Irawo that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ created on earth. If you have been following us, you will know that we have written a lot about Irawo afefe. 

This are the things that Irawo Afefe must not do. 

They must no be angry, though Irawo afefe gets angry easily. They should try and control their anger such that it doesn't last for a day or prolong than a day because it affects their star and may bring bad luck to them. 

Irawo afefe must not marry more than one wife, even if he marry more than one wife. Irawo afefe must make sure all the wife stays in the same Compound as him. 

Most importantly, he must not marry or date a woman or man that is promiscuous. Irawo afefe hates people who double date or who are having sexual affairs with another person apart from them. This affects their star and it can easily bring them down. 

Irawo Afefe must collect all the child anyone born for them. All children of Irawo afefe must live under the same roof with him/her.  The children would bring blessings to him. 

Irawo Afefe must not drink or smoke. 

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