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EGBE Orun Asipa

EGBE Orun Asipa


Humans in the Asípa group are vocal, pompous, enigmatic and treacherous. The spiritual influence of Asipa can cause forgetfulness.

It's also common with these people to meet someone for the very first time and feel strongly that they have known the person before. Its influence can also cause humans to become lost; making Asípa related to another deity in Oyo called Idaako.

Temporary or prolonged memory loss most likely occurs (especially to the humans in this Egbe) when a devotee of Asípa repudiates his/her faith or is found wanting in devotion. 

It may also happen to someone who ought to be initiated into Egbe but is proving stubborn. Asípa is said to have the capacity to "sell the destiny of a man and buy another".

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