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EGBE Orun Eleeko / Elérikò (Eleriko)

EGBE Orun Eleeko


Eléékò also known as Elérikò is one Egbe that confers multiple personalities. At different times, the subject under its influence can be patient or impatient; ruthless or merciful. His mood depends on his immediate desires.

Eléékò has behavioral patterns very similar to Esu and some people refer to link him as Esu inside the Egbe. Eléékò is very mischievous, crafty and intelligent; these are some of the traits of Esu also.

Apart from sharing these similarities with Esu, Eléékò is known to be treacherous, sneaky and a thief. But Eléékò steals only from those who have in abundance for those who have none. There are times when it seems that a spirit is stealing from someone.

Unexplained disappearance of money and valuable items inside the house and in transit. Such I'd usually a direct result of Eléékò's activities. It is possible that the person had wronged Egbe in general or Eléékò in particular and is being punished. 

Also known as Olumomi, Eléékò will compel or haunt such person.
So when a child steals, talkative, overambitious, stubborn or sneaky, it is likely he belongs to the Eléékò; and if the rites and ritual pertaining to this area are not done, the waywardness may not depart from him. 

One of his chants describes him as Alaseju belojo lomo ( the immoderate entity that births a talkative child).

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