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EGBE Orun Iyalode

EGBE Orun Iyalode 


Ìyálóde is regarded as the leader of Egbe on Earth. Leadership quality is most evident characteristic of this class of Egbe. 

Going by the name, it may appear that only females can belong to Egbe Ìyálóde. But this is not so; both men and women can belong, and be called Ìyálóde.

The leadership of Ìyálóde may however be limited to the earth as IFA clarifies under a verse of Irosun meji. 

The verse(irosun-meji) talks about Janjasa (name) as the name of the head of Egbe in Heaven while Ìyálóde is the head of Egbe on Earth or Janjasa is another name by which Ìyálóde is known.

Let's us also appreciate that there are uncountable Ìyálódes on earth.
Ìyálóde are usually neat, motivational, and well-dressed. One of the praise names is 'A dado bi eku eegun' ( the one that dresses in colorful robes like a masquerade'. 

They love to party, show off and make their presence known wherever they are.
Usually mentally aloof and charitable, Ìyálóde takes good care of their children and works for their safety, protection and success. It is very dangerous to offend Ìyálóde. 

As benevolent as she is, she can also be mean. Every known form of Ajogun (evils) will be sent to the offender(s).

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