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EGUNGUN prayer for ancestor

EGUNGUN prayer for ancestor 


Prayer for the Ancestor

Ile mo pe o

Akisale mo pe o

Eti were bu tu ekute ile o

Asunmaparada ni tigi aja

Awa ome re ni pe o; a aw lati se odun re
Ma ke ki ari ija igbona

Ma je ki ari ija Ogun

Lile ni ki a maa le si, a je ki a pedin
Ara orun kinkin

Orisa oun ao re meji

Orisa ti a nji ti anfi obi kan

Gbogbo, Egun mi dele o Ase!


Earth I call you
Egungun I call you

Etibure, I call you
House rats are very alert

Rafters never change their position

We, your children, gather here for your annual ceremony

Allow us to live, so that we may perform your ceremony yearly

Save us from death

Save us from pestilence

Save us from the wrath of Ogun

Let us multiply and increase

The sacred one from heaven

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