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GELEDE mask and Costume

GELEDE mask and Costume 

‘GELEDE MASKS’ are worn with a costume consisting of layers of elaborate and colorful cloth. 

The ‘GELEDE MASK’ is more accurately a HEADDRESS, since it rests on top of the HEAD and the wearer’s face is covered by a cloth veil. 

The HEADDRESS takes the form of a HUMAN HEAD, on top of which are motifs that are intended to entertain out lookers but, in addition It usually address SOCIAL concerns that may also be expressed in SONGS that are part of the MASQUERADE. 

The HEADDRESS are usually brightly painted.

Individuals or families will usually go to any length to make their HEADDRESS as attractive and humorous as possible. 

The endless variety of the motifs and their combinations makes it difficult to typology of ‘GELEDE HEADDRESS’

Most of the HEADDRESS have facial adornments, ranging from lineage marks to decorative tattoos, which are either incised or painted.

The HEADDRESS is to the costume, whild the HEAD, ORI is to the HUMAN BODY. 

It is an index of identification and the essence of the maskers personality as long as he is inside the mask.  

In spite of the comical representations that often appear on the HEADDRESS, the FACE below the superstructure remains serene, as if stressing the paradox that is life–and the need to live life with special care.

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